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Western swing of luck for Kap and Daley

Written by Dave Hunter.

Wayne Daley - Pro StockWayne Daley wins Pro Stock at the Westernationals (Photo courtesy Gardner Broz)

Race report by Dave Hunter.

The very nature of the sport means that every race can literally be a 50/50 chance of winning. Which can be a very fortunate thing when scraping into the bump spot in a tough Top Doorslammer field at the Westernationals. And that pretty much describes how Peter Kapiris' weekend went for the most part.

The qualifying sessions proved to be close, weather conditions keeping times to a reasonable average, rather than the all-out spectacular numbers. Maurice Fabietti headed the ladder after three sessions with his 5.921, followed by John Zappia (5.963). Victor Bray, Andrew Sutton and Daniel Gregorini posted in the  6.00s by various thousandths, whilst Russ Pavey put in a blinder to secure sixth in the '63 Corvette with a 6.01. Ben Bray found some form, making seventh his with a 6.051, while the Saratoga of Kapiris just made it's way into the field with a 6.057.

The first session also saw John Cannuli return with a completely different Camaro than planned (Mifsud had of course used it in Slamfest), but luck just doesn't seem to stick as this Camaro then found the sand pit and catch nets at speed. The only one left with some sort of smile afterwards was the catch net supplier, a bumper month ahead for his bank account no doubt!

A string of 6.0s in the first round led to the semis, where Kapiris had another gift in the form of Gregorini's red light and Victor Bray advancing thanks to John Zappia's pedal work to stay straight. The final of T/D saw Kapiris keep putting the numbers up, finally a 5.868 to win the event.

Pro Stock also had an interesting time with high altitudes and far too much humidity. Wayne Daley had the Diamond T Avenger out and popped in a 7.050 top qualifying lap. He kept up the good work and found himself the overall winner with Chris Soldatos in the runner up spot. Times never really improved throughout the weekend, mostly hanging around in the 7.0 region.

Videos courtesy Gardner Broz

  • In Competition, it was the HSV Grange of Ryan Moresby left on top, Shane Weston's foul light eliminated him from the big trophy haul.
  • Ross Smith had plenty in the time tank against Kevin Gummow, an 8.776 enough to claim his gold Christmas Tree in Competition Bike.
  • The Naylors can claim a few big event wins already, so it was rather fitting that Brayden Naylor had his turn to have a gold trophy in Junior Dragster, Jaymii Karapetkov one step behind for the runner-up spot.
  • An interstate race was on the cards, Craig Baker got one over fellow traveller Jason Gill to put one over the WA locals in Modified.
  • Donald Freind is no stranger to winning Supercharged Outlaws, another victory in his hands this weekend with Grant Fraser having to settle on second this time around.
  • Super Sedan would see big dramas however with Norbert Claite launching and hitting the wall a number of times. The purple Camaro came out battered and bruised (as did Norbert) but he walked away under his own steam. This left Mike Craig as the class winner.
  • Tyron Begg and the Commodore took out Super Street honours after defeating a red lighting Lee Watson. No one could confirm if this earned Begg a ticket from the Beat The Heat team afterwards...
  • Super Stock results saw rotary power win the day, Brett Glover making good on this year's return by sending Steven Norman home with a consolation prize.

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