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Sainty Racing goes Top Alcohol

Written by Kym Oberauer.

Sainty Funny CarThe new Sainty Top Alochol Funny Car. Photo from left to right: Mark Hinchelwood, Mark Holmes, Norm Sainty, Mick Stower and Andrew Musgrave.

When you think Sainty Racing and you think "Top Fuel". However, behind closed doors in the middle of the night whilst most of us are sleeping, the secret Sainty elves have been quietly working on a Top Alcohol Funny Car.

Just Drag Racing can announce today than the new "Blind Obsession" Funny Car car is very close to being race ready and will run the full 2014 ANDRA Top Alcohol Championship season.

At the wheel of the new Funny Car will be Mark Hinchelwood; AKA the driver of the Motorsport Connections crazy 6 second  turbo altered.

Just Drag Racing contacted Mark Hinchelwood about the step-up to Top Alcohol and the opportuity to run in the ADNRA Pro Series; "I'm all smiles to be offered the Sainty ride and also wanted to especially thank Mark and Andrew Holmes who have put countless hours into getting the car completed."

"There are tons of other people as well that need special mention and who have helped on the car over the last 6 year build. I'm truly excited and looking forward to testing next month."

The Pontiac Firebird is not the original Sainty Car which ran 7 years ago, but a brand new version of it. And of course it will be powered by Sainty Bullet running a PSI and will run in Top Alcohol.

If you would like to know more about this team please leave a comment. Just Drag Racing will look at bringing readers a full update as the team gets closer to testing.

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