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Cassar to make racing return at Spring Nationals

Injured Top Fuel Motorcycle and Modified Bike rider Rob Cassar has announced his return to racing at this weekend’s Spring Nationals in Adelaide.

Cassar has been sidelined since his accident at Sydney Dragway’s X-Champs in May where he lost control of his Top Fuel bike as he crossed the line in his second qualifying run.

A recent test as Calder Park saw him make a 9.66 second run at 137 mph, alleviating his initial hesitation about returning.

“It certainly gave me a shake up. After the incident I didn't think I wanted to ever compete again but I’m a drag racing junky and found it too difficult to walk away,” Cassar said.

“Sitting on the bike for the first time wasn’t a good feeling but I knew I had to do it. I was feeling sick, stressed and nervous and I questioned if I wanted to be doing it but I pushed on and I was straight back into it.

“We did three more runs and now it’s Spring Nationals here I come.”

Despite it being his return to racing, Cassar has his sights set firmly on the Spring Nationals victory.

“I certainly am going there to win - you always go to do that. My Kawasaki Mod Bike is a naturally aspirated bike that generally runs in the mid 9s and is pretty consistent so we don't need to push,” he said.

Cassar expects to return to Top Fuel Motorcycles after rebuilding his confidence through Modified Bikes.

“Katie said she wouldn't come out with me if I jumped straight back on the Top Fuel Motorcycle - we had a difference of opinion and she won,” he said.

“I certainly intend to return to Top Fuel Motorcycle at some stage but for right now I am going to enjoy the competition in Mod Bike. We hope to be doing some testing later this year and we will see how we go from there.”

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