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Vision for Australian Drag Racing's New Future Revealed


Following Tuesday’s landmark announcement of Australia’s three major drag racing venues uniting to promote a new Professional Drag Racing Championship, the group is pleased to welcome Adelaide International Raceway promoters, Racing Onn Promotion to the series and outline further details behind the sport’s exciting new direction.

The all-new Australian professional drag racing series will take place over nine events at the nation’s premier venues – two each at Sydney Dragway and Willowbank Raceway, four at the Perth Motorplex, and one at Adelaide International Raceway – with all events running with ANDRA sanctioning.
Top Fuel will be contested over seven rounds, Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer and Top Fuel Motorcycle six, with five rounds each for Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle, including a return to Perth for both Pro Stock brackets.
The calendar will open with the Springnationals at Adelaide International Raceway on 17-18 October, and will kick into high gear at Sydney Dragway’s event four weeks later (7-8 November), with all professional brackets and a full support card of Sportsman brackets.
The series also includes the 45th annual Westernationals at the Perth Motorplex on 5-6 February 2016, before finishing with the biggest drag racing event held outside the United States each year, the Fuchs Winternationals on 9-12 June 2016, which will see the finals in all professional and Sportsman brackets.
The new series focuses on competitor needs, with guaranteed prize money, the introduction of an end of season prize pool, a significant reduction in entry fees, and a jointly owned administrative, commercial and promotional arm responsible for the series’ direction and growth.
Willowbank Raceway president and group spokesperson Tony Wedlock said the tracks and competitors share a common goal to return drag racing to prominence and the new series will deliver that in spades.
“The reaction to Tuesday’s announcement from competitors, sponsors and fans has been outstanding – we have been inundated with support from all around the country,” Wedlock said.
“Today’s announcement further demonstrates our commitment for a new direction for Australian drag racing, with our initiatives designed to increase competitor confidence and revitalise drag racing’s standing in the marketplace.
“Together, the tracks and competitors are focussed on how to best cater to what the racers need to put on a show for the fans, and these measures are the first of a range of innovative programs we will be putting in place.”
A new, not-for-profit company will assume the administration and promotion of the new Australian professional drag racing series, jointly owned by the Sydney, Willowbank and Perth tracks and professional teams – the tracks and the racer group each with a 25 per cent stake holding and one position on the board.
In addition to the administration and promotional arm, a new Racing Commission comprised of three track staff and three race team delegates, and chaired by a board member on a rotational basis, will be formed to oversee the series regulations.
Prize money will remain at current levels and there will be no scaled prize money payouts as currently, with all payments made at the completion of each event.
Entry fees will be reduced due to the abolition of the current TV levy, while competitors that commit to contesting a minimum of five rounds and complete one set of entry documents before the season starts will also receive a 25 per cent reduction on entry fees.
Competitors will also receive an increased number of additional entry passes for crews as part of their series entry.
All rounds will be filmed, with a new, multi-platform broadcast package to be announced in response to the changes in consumer behaviour and the TV landscape, with free-to-air TV, digital channels, social media and live-streaming all in the mix generating strong exposure and quality vision of the sport.
“We are using our existing events, the new promotional arm and commission as a solid foundation from which we can grow with the addition of more tracks and events, guaranteeing a bright future for Australian drag racing,” Wedlock said.
The group will also announce full details for an exciting new Sportsman Series next week, with Wedlock assuring competitors they are an important part of the sport’s future.
“Sportsman racing is the backbone of our sport and will not be forgotten – the Sportsman racers will continue to play a vital and exciting part in drag racing’s future,” Wedlock said.
“Next week we will announce full details of our Sportsman Series and it will be a range of deliverables that include the series calendar, guaranteed prize money payouts and a bonus series prize pool, and a reduction in competitor costs, similar to that of the professional categories.”
2015/16 Professional Drag Racing Series Calendar
17-18 October 2015 – Springnationals, Adelaide International Raceway
Top Fuel, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle
7-8 November 2015 – Sydney Dragway
Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer, Top Alcohol, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle
5-6 December 2015 – Perth Motorplex
Top Doorslammer, Top Fuel Motorcycle
5-6 February 2016 – Perth Motorplex, Westernationals
Top Doorslammer, Top Alcohol
19-20 February 2016 – Perth Motorplex
Top Fuel, Top Alcohol and Pro Stock Motorcycle
5-6 March 2016 – Perth Motorplex
Top Fuel, Top Fuel Motorcycle and Pro Stock
25-26 March 2016 – Willowbank Raceway
Top Fuel, Top Alcohol
7-8 May 2016 – Sydney Dragway
Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer, Top Alcohol, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle
9-12 June 2016 – Willowbank Raceway, Fuchs Winternationals
Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer, Top Alcohol, Top Fuel Motorcycle Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle

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