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Matheson Targets Quick Times At Santos Super Thunder


Top Fuel Bike points leader, Chris Matheson says his focus for the upcoming Santo's Super Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway is quick elapsed times over wins.

The Nitro Voodoo team and Australia's quickest man on two wheels, Matheson have been working behind the scenes in preparation for the event, switching back to a proven combination for the McBride Special to try better their career best 6.04 second run.

"We've had a couple of wins in the Thunder 400 Series Championship points chase and are leading the points, however our real focus is ET," Matheson said.

"We've been experimenting with a number of combinations over the last couple of seasons, none of them really working that well, so we plan to go back to what we know is proven and step up from there.

Matheson said despite often being frustrated by the volatile nitro bike, the team remain motivated and believe they can unlock its five-second potential.

"It is frustrating at times, but you know your next run could be a record pass and that's what keeps the Team motivated to push through the countless hours of work away from the track," he said.

"We have improved the bike out of sight in the last few years, however, its real potential hasn't been unlocked as yet. But it will be."

Matheson said the Easter even is one of his favourites of the year.

"[This] is held on the Easter weekend at my home track, it's a short format – one qualifying pass, then you race, two more runs, then a final," Matheson said.

"Traditionally, the track and the conditions are good, we usually have plenty of rubber on the track and the air is ideal.

"The crowds love the format and it makes the racers step it up to get a chance at the win."

Photo supplied - Cackling Pipes


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