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Ballistic Performance race report - Aeroflow Champs round 2

Written by Ballistic Drag Racing.

ballistic logoBallistic Drag Racing travelled to Portland for the Aeroflow Sportsman Championship round on January 5th and 6th 2013 at South Coast Raceway. Just 400km from where we live, we drove on a 40 deg day which was not pleasant. We arrived at the track around 8pm, unloaded and got set for racing the next day.

First qualifier we went to the line with everything turned down since I had not raced the bike at this track and wanted to make sure the bike would stop. First round the bike did not go and it was disappointing- back to the drawing board! Went back to the pits and changed the timers and got ready for the next qualifier.

Second qualifier with some extra crew helping thanks to Ben James and Christine, Katie was feeling a bit more at ease and so was I. The bike was sounding the best it had for some time with a big burnout, the bike launched with a 1.13 60 footer, which is on par with some of the bigger tracks. The traction was killer but the bike did not go where I wanted it to go – it headed left and I had to back off. I ran a 5.08 ET at 133 mph which was not too bad. With the extra crew hands it was a bit more relaxing.

Fuel pressure issues had been bugging us all meeting and we went out for the third qualifier not feeling we had sorted it. This would be the end of my MTC motor but I just did not know it! A strong burnout and the bike was sounding good. The bike launched hard and went 1.12 in the 60. With an ET of 4.956 at 110mph over the 1/8th mile, the bike dropped a cylinder at 330 feet. I was surprised I had set a new track record and it was the first bike into the 4s at Portland. Excitement was short lived when we got back to the pits and found that we had burnt a hole in the head. That was the end of our meet. All in all we had a great time but did significant damage.

New EngineOnce at home we pulled out the MTC motor and after much exploration I found the problem with the fuel pressure – just a little too late. I have now put in the Big Banger and we are set to run at the Aeroflow Summer Speedfest at Adelaide International Raceway on 23 and 24 February.

We have not raced in Adelaide since winning the Spring Nats in 2000. That is a long time ago and we are thrilled to be going back there as I have good memories. Adelaide International Raceway was always was my favorite track. Let's see what will come of it. Hope to see you all there!


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