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WILD VIDEO - Outlaw Street Corvette Takes Flight In Tulsa

Wild video has emerged of Outlaw Street Car racer Daniel Pharris' Corvette taking flight at Tulsa Raceway Park in the U.S.

Driving the beautifl Andrew Alepa-owned Vette, sans wheelie bars, Pharris was racing Keith Haney's Brandon Pesz-driven Enigma Camaro at the Radial Revenge event at Tulsa, the Vette carrying its front wheels to just before the 330ft timers when it literally took off.

All four wheels came off the ground, with the Vette slamming back down at the eighth mile finishing line – a potentially worse result possibly averted when the front clip peeled off mid-flight.

Haney's Enigma Camaro also took off, but quickly slammed back to the ground.

Thankfully, Pharris emerged from the Corvette appearing to be unscathed.

Source - Urban Hillbilly Videos. 

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