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Hidden Valley Drag Strip - 2013 Movers & Shakers

Written by Jay Jukes. Posted in News

The 2013 drag racing season hasn't even started at Hidden Valley Drag Strip but there are already big moves afoot. This would have to be one of the largest buying and selling sprees to be seen in the Top End with several high calibre cars set to debut when the season kicks off in late March.

Making the jump from the "About Time" altered, veteran driver Allan Arthus has taken possession of a car that is sure to move the earth with its whopping 572ci big block V8. Night Moves has the potential to jettison Arthus to some solid 7 second passes.

To make way for the new toy Arthus has the About Time altered for sale.

Sure to give Arthus a run for his money is this new combo fresh out of Queensland that has found a home with a yet to be disclosed owner. Sporting a 383ci Chev its set to run mid 8's over the quarter mile.

alteredsL: Allan Arthus' new altered M: About Time for sale R: New car from QLD

But the biggest moves are from the Off Street ranks with several big leaps into the Super Sedan and Outlaw classes.

Dave Carter is no stranger to high horsepower. After owning a turbocharged Holden VE ute he is set to debut in Super Sedan with this hot little Torana that is likely to run 8's with its 434 small block.

Also taking the leap from a 10 second Ford XR6 Turbo to a new car is Chris Tsakrios with this twin turbocharged Mustang. It's powered by a 440ci small block Ford with twin 80mm turbochargers hanging off the side, enough to pump out 2200hp through the Powerglide transmission. With so much power on tap Tsakrios is going to take it easy until he gets a handle on the new combo.

Continuing the Ford vs Holden rivalry, Todd Knight has returned his HSV Clubsport to being a daily driver and imported this monster Pontiac from the US. Hiding a 632ci V8 under the bonnet Knight plans on learning how to drive the 1350hp naturally aspirated beast before putting a 400 shot of NOS down its throat. Time will tell what it pumps out with Pecky's Performance given the gig to set the car up for Knight.

After having a nice red Holden ute Brad Fletcher is also itching to get out there with his new toy. Yet to be tested, will it be one of the new late model cars going into the Super Sedan category?

sedansL: Turbocharged Mustang of Chris Tsakrios M: Todd Knight's Pontiac R:Dave Carter's Torana

After three years in the build Brad Schluter is also planning to be out in May in this hot little Datsun. Sporting a SR20DET with a fully manualised C4 transmission, transbrake and a high stall he plans to fry the tyres in the D&M Colosseum and take it for a few runs down the quarter.

Ever wondered what the start of a drag car looks like? A little early in the build process but this is the future Torana of Wayne Harris from C&H Autoline.

While the roll cage is just going into this Holden HK Monaro at BO Chassis and Race Cars the rumour is that its going to be no slouch with a 600ci V8 planning to be force fed by a pair of 88mm turbochargers. That should see it into the 7 second zone depending on the final weight. Owner Joab Coyne is not rushing though, he will be holding off until 2014 to take his maiden voyage.

in the buildL: SR20DET powered Datsun of Brad Schulter M: 600ci V8 planned for this HK R: Bare chassis of Wayne Harris

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