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Pro Street powers into Portland

Written by APSA. Posted in News

Johnny Willson - APSA

The Australian Pro Street Association (APSA) and South Coast Raceway PRESENT the APSA PRO STREET SHOOTOUT... Round 2.

Pro Street Racing is a format of drag racing that has never visited Portland before and boy do we have a treat for car lovers on the this side of Australia. What we have is the toughest Pro Street and pure Street Cars in Australia battling it out for a Points Series and to test each other and see who is the best of the best...

That's right guys "Street Cars"... Almost all the cars you will see at our events were at one stage of their life off a Car Production line, and have become the monsters you will see on Saturday 13th April.

Years of innovation and improvement and car building passion, have turned these Street Cars into absolute Drag Racing Weapons with times and speeds that rival the best purpose built drag cars. These are grossly over powered "show car" machines and with this comes excitement and antics the crowd will love, such as Big Burnouts, Giant Wheels stands and some of the most competitive and fast heads up style drag racing you will ever see. So you will get to see Pro Street Car action, fast racing and a car show all in one at an APSA event...

APSA PosterCome and watch and see the following classes on the day...

  • True Street Cars: These cars are full steel; mostly street rego'd and must be driven back to the pits. Most of them run in the 9's over the standing quarter.
  • Modified Street Cars: This class boasts standard chassis and standard suspension cars but with enormous horsepower, running in the bottom 7's over the quarter
  • Pro Street Cars: Gorgeous tubbed 2500 HP three quarter chassied monsters
  • 10.5 Outlaw Cars: No rules Outlaws that want to put as much horsepower as possible through a 10.5 inch tyred animal

This is War and we have a number of battles going on in our ranks. Including Turbo vs. Nitrous vs. Blown, Ford Vs Holden, Compak vs. V8 and racer vs. racer.


An on going battle between Joe Gaucci and Johnny Wilson, in the two fastest modified street cars in Australia. Joe runs a 2000HP turbo charged Cortina and Johnny's is a 2000HP Nitrous injected Big Block Chev Torana. This is rivalry at its best and they are sure to give an amazing show. Also in this class Johnny Habib's Nitrous big Block wheel standing Tori, as well as Danny Sharbon's aspirated wheel standing seven second Capri. Remember guys these are small tyred, standard chassis and suspension configured cars...

In Pro Street we have Dominic Luppino who recently unofficially smashed the fastest Pro Street Blown Record ever set in Australia with a 6.7@ 216MPH in his awesome Twin Turbo'd Mustang. This machine is rumoured to be capable of up to 2800 HP. Also Stef Buccella's Crazy Small Block Nitrous LC Tori that is an old School campaigner and known for its wild launches. Again many more gorgeous tubbed Pro Streeters coming to play.

Last but not least we are bringing you the Fastest Street tyred car in Australia, Daniel Nunziante in what is possibly the toughest Pro Street Cortina ever built. He has run a 7.00 at 220 MPH in the Twin turbo Big Block Ford !!! Remember guys this car runs a street tyre and no wheelie bars!!!! , and has the potential to wind the boost up to 3000HP. That's right guys 2500 HP through a street tyre and no Chicken Sticks... Mad man...

As well as those cars mentioned, we have much much more of this kind of action. The mixing pot of racers makes for a great entertaining family event that all can enjoy with some of the fiercest rivalries and heads up racing from street styled cars in Australia. Something you just shouldn't miss. APSA is excited about coming to your town and meeting the good people of Warrnambool, Portland and surrounding suburbs... See you there...


  • Gates Open - 9am
  • Scrutineering - 9am - 12pm
  • Qualifying from - 11am - 1:30pm
  • Racing from - 2pm

Competitor Entry Fee (entry includes 3 Crew Passes):

  • Standard Entry - $150
  • SCR Members - $120


  • Spectators $25
  • SCR Members $15
  • Children under 12 Free (When accompanied by an adult) Otherwise $5

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