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New online shop open for business...

Written by Kym Oberauer. Posted in Announcements

Just Drag Racing Online ShopHi guys, the brand-spanking-new Just Drag Racing online shop is now open for business!

Inside you'll find a range of products for drag racers, hardcore drag racing fans and car enthusiasts.

To get things started we have...

 • The unique and o-so-cool Just Drag Racing Crew Shirts. If you want to be spotted in the crowd at the drags then this is the shirt for you...

 • Why use water in your radiator when you can use something much better. Evans Waterless Coolant has a significantly higher boiling point and eliminates the occurrence of boil over, cavitation and detonation

 • Sick and tired of getting ripped off with Silicone Hose prices? High quality Aeroflex Silicone Hose is commonly used on inter-cooler piping, intake piping, radiator hoses, methanol fuel hose, turbo, transport and industrial applications

 • Looking for more something more than just a crappy battery charger? Save A Battery Chargers are different from everything else available. They truly are "So Much More Than a Charger."

 • Want a drag car but don't have room in the garage? Then a diecast collectible is the answer!

Look out for new products as we expand our range over the coming weeks.

Cheers, Kym.

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