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Greg Schultz steps down as Group 1 Liaison Officer

Written by Kym Oberauer. Posted in Announcements

Greg Schultz smlGreg Schultz (Photo courtesy Fred Dwyer)After 3 years in the role, Greg Schultz stepped down as the ANDRA Group 1 Liaison Officer on Monday the 10th of June.

Having been involved with ANDRA as a steward since 1992, and the NSW Chief Steward from 1993, Greg decided now was a good time to cut down on some of his responsibilities and concentrate on the family's Outlaw Nitro Funny Car.

"I've really enjoyed my time working with the group 1 racers and it's been an absolute pleasure. I hope I've made a difference to their racing. Sure we didn't agree all the time and I didn't always make the right decisions; but right, wrong or indifferent I hope I was respected and racers know I did the very best job I could."

While Greg is stepping down as Group 1 Liaison Officer he will remain involved in the sport as a tech inspector, ANDRA license holder and member of the Sydney Dragway board.

"There's a lot change going on at the moment and much of it for the better," said Greg. "But I'm not enjoying the role as much and there's a lot of politics at the moment. Everyone has an opinion of what's right and wrong with drag racing and as a link between ANDRA and the racers you get bombarded; it can wear you down a bit."

"Personally, I believe the role needs to be there a part of a national team which goes to each of the Championship events and provides consistency for the racers and tracks. I was the start of that process and I hope ANDRA continues to maintain the role."

While Greg will now have more time of his hands, most of that will be taken up with the Outlaw Nitro Funny Car class with which he is heavily involved.

Daniel Schultz Outlaw Nitro Funny CarDaniel Schultz behind the wheel of the 69 Dodge Charger 'Hemi Time' Outlaw Nitro Funny Car (Photo courtesy cacklingpipes.com)

"My son Daniel will drive our 69 Dodge Charger 'Hemi Time' Outlaw Nitro Funny Car most of the time but I'll get behind the wheel now and then. During testing at Sydney Dragway back in April the car went 5.96 @ 242 mph. So as you can imagine were pretty excited about the class and where it's heading."

While Greg won't be at the track in an official capacity he'll still be very much involved with the sport as a racer and team owner. "I really want to thank the racers for their professionalism over the last three years. We may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but I always tried to implement the rules correctly and never shied away from the tough decisions."

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