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The Time Slip Simulator is Go!

Written by Kym Oberauer. Posted in Announcements

Time Slip SimulatorAfter many months of development a demo version of the Time Slip Simulator is ready to be put to the test...

So what is it?

The Time Slip Simulator (TSS) is a revolutionary new tool for drag racers. BUT, it's also more than that.

Through TSS, fans, sponsors and crew chiefs can interact with the most powerful motorsport on the planet.

Imagine being able to re-run and watch the last pass in virtual reality, either at the track or anywhere else around the world. TSS can do this plus much much more.

One of the unique aspects of drag racing is the length of each race – less than 12 seconds in most cases.

At the end of a race each competitor receives a time slip that includes all the information they need to gauge their performance and determine who won.

What the Time Slip Simulator does is take this information and turn it into a virtual drag race, all in glorious 3D.

Racers and fans can now watch drag racing on their home computers and mobile devices if full colour and from any angle.

How does it work?

Without going into too much detail, we've developed software that fills in the blanks and can animate a drag race using just the information provided on a time slip.

The animation is in full 3D using models of drag vehicles and tracks. The simulation is accurate and provides a real-time animation of a drag race. Because it is a full 3D environment you can view a race from any angle – from a typical TV view, to the driver's seat and far above from a virtual helicopter.

These are just a few options – if you can imagine it, we can probably do it.

The time slip information can come from any number of sources including a live stream from a race track's timing system, a racer's electronic log book or historical race results.

As long as it includes the basic information we need, TSS can animate it.

Time Slip Simulator

Enough talk - take me to the demo already!

Ok – first thing to do is have a look at the instructions.

Once you've had a quick read then go to the Time Slip Simulator Demo.

As you are one of the first people to have a look at TSS I would really appreciate your feedback on any issues you encounter or any features you would like to see.

Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact Form.

There's also a TSS specific email newsletter you can subscribe to if you want to keep updated. It's located in the right column of most pages.

Cheers, Kym.

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