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Calling all racers attending the Nitro Thunder event at Calder Park Raceway

Written by Kym Oberauer. Posted in Announcements

MSCN HelmetsCalling all racers attending the Nitro Thunder event at Calder Park Raceway: sign 2 helmets donated by Motorsport Connections to support Victorian Drag Racing.

These helmets will be used to commemorate the re-opening of ANDRA pro series Drag Racing in Victoria and will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Victorian Drag Racers Club and South Coast Raceway.

In recent times the Victorian Drag Racers Club (VDRC) has donated time and a brand new set of scales to ANDRA and Calder Park Raceway. Proceeds from the auction one of these helmets will be donated back to the club.

South Coast Raceway has had a tough time of late and needs our help and support with the repairs to the braking area which was damaged in the recent floods.

ANDRA Championship Drag Racing is here to stay in Victoria. To have one of these helmets on display will be a great talking piece and keepsake for many years to come.

The helmets are brand new and will be stand mounted in a display case.

"Motorsport Connections really wanted to do something that would be remembered and offer something back to both the Victorian Drag Racers Club and South Coast Race Way," said Mark Hinchelwood.

"I will make my way around personally and see everyone on the day to collect signatures. We are hopeful we can squeeze everyone's name on the list. "

"Work is well underway to repairing the damaged braking area and should be completed in the next 3 weeks," said South Coast Raceway's Scott Cleary.

"We also have many members racing at the Calder event on the 19th as well. It's going to be a great meeting!"

Michael Bibby, the Victorian Drag Racers Club president had this to say. "The VDRC have been a big part of helping unite Drag Racers in Victoria. It's been 12 years since ANDRA stepped inside Calder and having them back is great for the racers and the sport."

"I call on all Victorian drag racers to join your local club and spread the word we have wanted to hear for so long –Let's go racing!"

Stay tuned for details on how to bid on one of these great helmets.

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