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Things that go BOOM!

Written by Kym Oberauer. Posted in News

Simon Travaglini lge

Photo courtesy Gardner Broz.

Check out this in-car footage as Simon "GONZO" Travaglini's engine lets go at 220mph through the traps at the Perth Motorplex. There's a cuss word or two in the audio so you've been warned :-)

According to Simon, "The BA is the quickest standard dimension all steel sedan in the world and has run as quick as 6.09 @ 231mph; this is our first season and the car is home built and is still as I built it back in 2001."

"I didn't get a chance to race it until this season because of marriage, family deaths and divorce; we have only had about 20 hits at the start line are are really happy with our results so far, none of the crew have ever run a blown door car or any blown car for that matter."

"Brenton Baxter tunes the car and this is his first gig as a crew chief on a blown car, we have resisted using a hired gun opting instead to do it the hard way."

"The valve dropped because of a few over revs earlier during the day, I could have parked it up but it was the last run of the season and my crew had worked so hard for so long I just couldn't end the season like that; so I though we'd go out with a bang! It dropped the valve at 700' according to the logger and it shook at the top of first and needed a pedal but it still ran 3.9 to 660' and 6.11 @ 220 on fire! Oh and I won the race too!!!"

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